COZYME will address Excellence through:

  • Sharing of knowledge, software code, experimental data, skills, materials and infrastructure;
  • Exchange and training of PhD students and early career investigators;
  • Integration of public and private sectors;
  • Establishing a platform for career development and collaboration;
  • Implementation of an effective communication strategy that involves EU institutions and policymakers;
  • Increasing the impact of the Action by execution of joint exploitation and dissemination plans;
  • Organization of workshops, training schools and webinars on computational enzyme engineering open to the scientific community and interested stakeholders.

COZYME will address Inclusiveness through:

  • Recruiting of ECIs from ITCs to join the Action;
  • Promotion of ECIs involvement in Action events;
  • Dedicated sessions for ECIs at Action events;
  • Promote the organization of Action events by ITC partners;
  • Participation of relevant partners or stakeholders from Near Neighbor Countries, International Partner Countries, European Institutions or International Organizations will be pursued.