Impact and Benefits to industry

The eco-friendly properties of enzymes underlie their growing importance. Consequently, the increased emphasis on renewable sources for energy and waste minimisation drives the need for new industrially relevant, tailored enzymes for targeted and sustainable chemical conversions. Therefore, it is no surprise that the global enzyme market is expected to increase from 9,9 billion EUR (2019) with an annual growth rate of 7.1%. COZYME Action will directly impact European industrial biotechnology and, ultimately, a range of industries which utilize biotechnological products and services (e.g., pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and food).


The COZYME Action is of direct importance to the industrial biotechnology sector. Enzymes are widely applicable to different sectors of industrial biotechnology, and as industries move to more environmentally sustainable methods of operation, the role of enzymes will be of increasing importance.  COZYME Action brings together a proactive group of researchers, stakeholders and experts from universities, research institutes, industry and other organisations. The combination of skills and experiences allows us to unravel by collaboration how enzymes can be more successfully implemented in biotechnological processes at an industrial scale.